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Tucker Forrest is a favourite at Circle Jerk Boys and he proves that big things do come in small packages. He's a good choice when it comes to breaking in new guys, and this week he's giving Rocky Charles an introduction to on-camera, guy-on-guy sex. Rocky is 22 years old and he's tall and lean; he's wearing a great smile and a sexy goatee. Rocky is no stranger to gay sex: in the tenth grade he lost a bet to his girlfriend's gay best friend! After losing a game of pool, he had to drop his drawers and let the guy blow him. "It was the best blowjob I'd ever gotten," he admits. Tucker and Rocky get comfortable on a couch and start nuzzling and necking. Tucker is the first one with a dick in his mouth, but Rocky isn't far behind him. Rocky mounts a chaise lounge and arches his ass in the air, and Tucker feasts on his hole. And then, the two guys sit side by side -- Rocky on the chaise and Tucker on the floor -- and they pull on their meat until they cum together. Tucker has a ringside seat to watch the flying cumshot whizzing out of Rocky's dick. It's quite a nice shot, too!

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