Gay 4 Pay Price Goes Higher And Higher Gay 4 Pay Price Goes Higher And Higher

The webmaster of Czech Hunter went out searching for some new talent. Feeling a bit lazy, he decided to go to the train station. That area is always a sure shot to find new performers. It only took a few minutes before the webmaster struck gold. Here in his midst was a twinky traveler who seemed a bit lost. Using the same pick-up line of doing a school project, the webmaster invited the traveler for a bite to eat. With time to kill and hunger pains to boot, the traveler said why not.

In the middle of the meal the webmaster started to show his dough. Must be payday the traveler said, as his eyes widened at the sight of all that cash. Then the webmaster pitched a deal to the traveler. I need a massage, so how about giving me one for $500? Intrigued, the traveler doesn't show any interest. He likes girls. OK, the webmaster says, how about $2,000? Now the traveler is interested, but where? How about a hotel the webmaster says. Here is the deal. Let nature take its course. If the massage turns into something more daring that would be great. But it is all up to the traveler. He needs to decide how far he want to go. The more he does, the more money the traveler will make. Wheels turning in his head, the traveler thinks about it for a bit. Then accepts the terms.

We next see this duo in the hotel room. The webmaster is completely naked. With only a towel wrapped around his waist. Way across the room is the traveler. Still dressed, nervous and unsure of what he has gotten himself into. But still wanting the money. The webmaster wants his massage and places the money on the nightstand. All here waiting for the traveler. When he finishes the massage. The traveler begins quite tentatively, rubbing the webmasters legs. What about my third leg, the webmaster asks? Your third leg? That wasn't part of the deal, the traveler replies. Can't help it. My dick got hard because I'm hot for you. You offended? asks the webmaster. Again the traveler says it wasn't part of the deal. But the bulge underneath the webmaster's towel grows bigger and bigger. Then our webmaster ups the ante. How about a blowjob for $6,000? He then takes out his cock from underneath the towel and starts stroking himself. Not enough, the traveler says. He counters at $7,500. OK, replies the webmaster. $7,500 let's go. The traveler bends down, opens his mouth and starts sucking and licking the webmaster's enormous cock. At one point the traveler's shirt comes off as he continues to suck and stroke. By now the price has jumped from $7,500 to $8,000 for a blow-job. Taking a short break from sucking the webmaster ups the ante even more. How about doubling that $8,000 to $16,000 to be fucked up the ass? What will our traveler do, as we all have our price? You can probably guess, but go to Czech Hunter to see for yourself.

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