When you think of Miss America you tend to think about women is bad make-up, tranny wigs and cheesy speeches about "saving the world" and "universal peace". Well, you might want to add gay porn to that now as well!

What? Who? When? How?

According to the Dailymail, none other than porn extraordinaire Jake Cruise and his partner of 21 years Ernie Koneck are the main sponsors/producers of the Miss Hollywood pageant, a preliminary to Miss California and Miss America. Now, that this has come to light people in the US are in an uproar due to the fact that Miss.America stands for everything "pure, and great about America" whereas I'm guessing these people do not feel the same way about gay porn!

So, now because this broke Ernie, Jake's partner, has had to step down as Executive Producer of Miss Hollywood. Jake has gone to say that he had nothing to do with any pageants and that in fact it was his partner's hobby. Jake was listed as a sponsor because he supported his partner's hobby financially.

So, why would someone want to get rid of Jake Cruise's partner? Well, your guess is as good as ours. It's more than obvious that when you are dealing with contests and catty women there is gonna be some bitchy queen trying to throw some shade. TRUST.

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