I guess this is one for gossip addicts. Not specifically 'gay' oriented, Gawker is full of chat and gossip, news and information about celebrities, stars, bands and culture. But there's a serious side to it as well. I clicked in and simply scrolled about, checking news items from the right column, going back through pages and catching up with what's been going on in the world outside my door. There are so many things happening that I didn't know about. Admittedly, I did find a lot of the content was U.S.A. themed, but there were items in the news area from all over the world. From fashion to suicides, from music to murders, it seems like the site covers it all in a blog-cum-magazine style. These posts are quite long, you should expect to settle in for a decent length of time and a good read; they are well written and seriously minded. They are also put together with relevant images. You can subscribe if you want to or you can just read the news and articles - there are chances for you to comment and attach the site to your social networking pages. Well worth a gawk if you ask me.

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