Garry and Kobe are no newcomers to porn. Both are fit and athletic, with hot bodies and seemingly endless libidos. Kobe has done shoots for several sites, and he's quite the regular at Jeremy Roddick, and Garry has done a few shoots including a solo or two. Well, Jeremy decided to put these two together and it was instant heat! They couldn't wait to get undressed and get things going. It took only minutes before Garry latched onto Kobe, slurping on Kobe's rock-hard piece of man meat, going down on it like he was starving for cock.

Even when things were just starting out, and Jeremy had just gotten out his camera, Garry and Kobe were hot for each other. Kobe runs his tongue down Garry's chest, moves down his abs and then traces his treasure trail down...


Till he finds what he's looking for - Garry's throbbing cock! Kobe latches onto that steely shaft and lets his lips and tongue wander, then goes to work really sucking on it and driving Garry wild!


Once Kobe has Garry ready for action, he wants to get fucked. Kobe slowly lowers himself down on Garry's shaft till his ass is filled, and then shows us what a horny bottom can really do!


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