hairy slave in public

Cody Allen visits a clothing store with his master, Van Darkholme, to find some new fetish gear. Cody finds a pair of leather cuffs, and before you know it, Cody is cuffed in his leather restraints and some of the store patrons strip him naked. Cody resists, but he's helpless and there are too many men. They circle around him and start force feeding him their cocks.

Cody has a pretty big dick and these men want to see how much it can handle; so one guy ties three pairs of combat boots around Cody's cock and balls and makes him walk and crawl around the store with this heavy load tugging on his nuts, all the while Cody has to stop and suck any cock that is shoved in his face.

After receiving a flogging, this well-hung stud is bent over and gang fucked by a number of the men in the store. They give him a good old fashioned bukkake and cover his face with their messy cum loads. Then they grind Cody's cum-covered face across a glass showcase and force him to lick it up. And as if Cody hasn't experienced enough humiliation, he is then walked on a leash, naked and barefoot, down the street outside the store. Bound in Public sure knows how to humiliate a guy -you've got to see this.

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