frat boys gang fucking a dorm buddy

When the frat house starts stirring after a rowdy night of partying, the frat brothers discover that their dorm mate, Grant, stayed up after everyone crashed and drank all the booze. Nothing worse than waking up and looking for the "hair of the dog" only to find the fridge is empty. This fucker has to pay!

Carter gathers up three of his frat brothers. One grabs the camera and the other three push Grant to his knees. Encircling this cocksucker, who is still drunk, they whip out their cocks and force feed him some dick.

When their rods are stiff as boards, they bend Grant over and take turns porking his butt hole. No condoms, just flesh on flesh. Each guy seems to pound Grant's ass harder than the last, and while one is drilling, the others stuff the bottom's mouth with their cocks. Now I don't know about you, but this kind of punishment would only encourage me to drink all the booze at Fraternity X every night -- or at least a couple of times a week.

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