Meet Gabrial. He's the one you can see here, deepthroating Jack's cock. Gabriel was one of the most popular models who ever posed on Blake Mason, so a lot of people were pretty disappointed when he decided to go on an extended trip to see the world. As his trip came to an end, he got hold of the photographer from Blake Mason to say he'd kept an eye on the site and he'd like to fuck Jack. When Jack heard about this, he was very excited and couldn't wait to get it on with Gabriel, so they got the two guys together. From the start, there was heat and the guys couldn't wait to get started!

From the start, there was a sense of anticipation even as Gabriel went down on Jack, sucking his cock and working his way down to suck and lick his balls. Gabriel had Jack going crazy within a couple minutes.


Jack and Gabriel were having so much fun sucking on each others' poles that they couldn't decide whose turn it was, so they decided to do a little 69.


And then came what they had both been waiting for as Gabriel topped Jack, driving his rigid dick deep into his ass. Gabriel fucked Jack hard enough to pound him into the mattress, banging his hole till they were both satisfied.


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