Remember this name: Philip Fusco - or at least his hot-as-fuck face, 'cos you will be seeing tons more of Philip this year, and I for one could not be happier or hornier!

Philip Fusco is a New York City based fitness model who had worked with pretty much every underwear company out there, but none more "porn-y" than Andrew Christian. Yup, this underwear king known for its steamy videos full of half-naked (or totally naked hunks, most of the time) has just filmed a video with this uber-hunk called "Philip Fusco Uncovered", and it has caused quite the stir in the gay blogosphere. It's simply EVERYWHERE!

To say that this video is hot would be a gay crime, and the fact that Philip gives the camera that "come fuck me up the ass" looks makes this clip one of the hottest underwear clips my HOMO-PEEPERS have ever laid eyes on! He is just beyond gorgeous, and you could seriously stuff your face with a nice helping of his ass every day of the year!

Could we see Philip working in gay porn next, please? Well, Andrew Christian DOES work with tons of porn stars, and once you've worked with them you're pretty much set up for the next stage: Gay Porn!! However Philip has been a fitness model for quite some time and has done some pretty sexy shoots before.. but as we all know, a gay can dream can't he?

Take a look at this video and if you don't get some sort of "action" in the groin area, then HOMO - you betta check yourself! Enjoy!

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