Furry Hotties

They say that you should never hang pictures right next to each other or cramp your white space. But Furry Hotties breaks those rules and gives you a wall of sexy images as soon as you click in. No need for me to tell you that the stars of this collection are guys with fur. Bears and cubs alike. And actually the wall of images works very well. You can see each image well enough, the close proximity of the hundreds of others doesn't distract you, and when you want to have time alone with your chosen guy then just click the pic and it appears on its own page.

So, another image blog about bears eh? Anything special about that? Well, only the collection itself. Great looking guys, handsome and younger as well as handsome and older; slim and furry as well as chubby and furry. Tight chests, six pack abs, floppy tummies, big cocks, little cocks, hard cocks but always with fur. Full beards, goatees, trimmed, stubble, clean shaven but with hairy legs, hairy chests, it's all right here in one place. And then you can go further, check the individual pics and see who else is following. And when you start doing that you're off into the woods on a bear hunt, following the others who have trodden the same path and making new contacts along the way.

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