Furry Campers Fucking in their Tent Furry Campers Fucking in their Tent

Tom Wolfe and Scott Hunter are playing a couple of buddies out camping in the woods in this new scene from Alpha Males. Scott has woken up early and he's hanging out by the fire, waiting for his buddy to crawl out of his sleeping bag. When Tom finally emerges from the tent he takes a piss and catches his friend watching him and staring at his cock.

Tom invites Scott to chow down on his cock and the two men take turns leaning against the car and getting their dicks sucked. It too cold outside for these two blow buddies to take their clothes off, you can hear the wind rustling through the trees while these horny campers are giving each other head, so Tom suggests that they go back inside the tent.

Naked and down on all fours, Hunter offers his hairy ass crack to his bearded buddy and Tom fingers and tongues Scott's butt. Tom slides his hard dick inside Scott's hole and fucks the bottom doggy style. And for the final fucking sequence, Scott rolls over on his back and Tom screws him hard getting them both both ready to bust their nuts. Hunter blow cum all over his furry belly and Tom drains his balls last. Question is: Out in the middle of nowhere, how is Hunter going to wash all that cum off his belly?

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