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I discovered David Camacho a few months back, and I've been eagerly awaiting more of this sexy, hairy man; this week Butch Dixon delivered another look at this hottie. He's incredibly handsome and I love his dark beard. At first I thought he was Arabic, but some digging revealed that he's from South America, Colombia I think, but I can't remember for sure. Camacho is furry all over -- chest, belly, and legs, and when he turns his rear toward the camera you'll find more hair on his back across his shoulders, another patch on the small of his back, and some very furry buttcheeks. And he fucks like a machine. While this Butch Dixon scene is a solo, I'm sure they're going to be bringing us a hot fuck scene with this power top. I can't wait!

sean cody dane and pavel.jpg

Pavel is one of my favorite guys over at Sean Cody. And I guess he's a fan fave, too, because he's appeared in 19 videos so far. He does a lot of fucking, but he's also gotten his furry butt fucked seven times, as well. Pavel might be a bit too hairy for some tastes, but I love this stud's big beefy furry ass, and watching a stiff hard-on sliding into his hungry butt hole gets me pretty revved up. And if you like face scruff, hairy bodies, and very furry armpits, you're going to love this horny stud.

chaos men xavier

Xavier is an example of how sometimes the further down a guy's body you go, the furrier he gets. Xavier is a good-looking guy with a muscular body, and he's making his porn debut over at Chaos Men this week. He's sporting some face scruff and wears a lot of tattoos. His torso is smooth, but when you flip this stud over, you'll find a furry butt. Not too much hair, just a light dusting, enough to give your hands something to feel. And when he spreads his butt cheeks, he reveals a very hairy ass crack. And this stud shoots like a fountain, straight up in the air!

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