Hairy and Mature: September 2007

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Hairy Canadian Cowboy

Hairy Older Man

Brando is a hairy Canadian cowboy who hails from Vancouver. He's a cowboy at heart, but a pig to the core. And this good-looking older man has no trouble finding other pigs to share in the feast. Look at those sexy eyes. They have a way of holding you in their stare. When this guy wants you, I'm sure you're going to feel it. Brando is 41 years old and he's wearing a salt 'n pepper goatee with sideburns that follow his jawline and ascend up the side of his face. He's muscular and solid with a very hairy torso. And check out his forearms, they're really hairy - what a turn-on. And Brando has a cute ass, too. Before settling back on the couch for a jack off session, Brando bends over and spreads those tight butt cheeks. Exposing his hairy, pink fuck hole, he lets us know what he's after. And if you like mushroom head cocks, you'll want to check out Brando. His cock head is beautifully plump, planted at the end of his shaft like a big nob. And when he shoots, watch out! He shoots a jet of cum clear across to his torso, landing on his side and dribbling down towards the couch.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Big Hairy Bear

Big Hairy Bear

Here's a walk on the wild side. This is Nick Cardiff and he's the latest big hairy bear doing his thing on Bear Films. Nick's a big man, standing 6'1" and weighing 250 pounds. Can you imagine being on your knees with this hairy bear towering over you? His big belly pushing into your face and you big deeper to swallow his cock. But don't let his size scare you, Nick's a gentle Ben and he loves kissing. And if you're wearing a tight pair of white underwear, you'll really get his motor running. In his photo gallery, Nick is wearing a pair of red long johns. I always found these one-piece underwear suits hot. I guess it's the thought of that buttoned-up trap door in the back that's so intriguing. Undo a few buttons and you have easy access to a man's ass. I love how Nick's big hairy belly fills the opening in his long johns. Sure a six pack looks hot, but nothing feels as good as a big hairy belly to rest your head on. Without even taking his underwear off, Nick reaches inside and fishes out his fat cock. He starts pumping his meat in his hand, and in a few minutes, he's sending creamy jets of cum all over his big hairy belly. Woof! What a sight.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Wet Amateur Cub


Marco Vee is originally from Eastern Europe, but after all the years he's spent in Los Angeles you can barely make out even a hint of his accent. Marco holds down 2 jobs - one is very respectable job at a bank and the other is a fun job working at a local gay club. But the truth is that Marco has always wanted to do a porno movie. The idea of thousands of guys seeing him on the internet turns this 26 year old cub on so much that after fantasizing about it for a while, he decided to do a shoot for Bear Films.

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Huge Muscle Man

Huge Muscle Man

Woof! What a hot muscle man. Can you imagine this strapping, furry mountain of muscle towering over you while you're down on your knees servicing his cock? I sure can. This is Dave Stone and he's the latest mature man to stop by Men Over 30 to show off his beautiful body. And this 45-year-old muscle man proves that life is just getting started after 40. Dave's arms are the size of footballs and covered in tattoos. When he takes off his shirt, we see the ink continues on his sides. Dave's hard pecs are covered with hair and they look hot. He loves twisting his nipples and as they get excited, they swell to the size of pencil erasers. They're fucking amazing. His cock also responds to the nipple teasing. His dick is deliciously thick, but comfortably average in length. When Dave is finished posing for the camera, he lies back on the bed. Flexing his bicep, he uses his free hand to pump his hard cock. What a fine hunk of man, you're going to enjoy watching him show off.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Big Balls

Ford Tuff

This hairy man is all balls. Look at the size of those things! This is gay porn star Ford Tuff and he's a very good-looking guy, with a shaved head, a sexy beard, and a very hairy body. It's his face that catches me first, especially his lips. I love kissing, so I'm always checking out a guy's lips. If a guy has full, luscious lips, then chance are pretty good he's going to be a good kisser. I think he's such a sexy man, but as he strips out of his clothes, it just keeps getting better and better. Ford Tuff has a lean and strong body, and he's covered in hair. I love the way his chest hair trails across his pecs, forming a dark patch down the center of his chest. And his hairy belly is a big turn-on. Ford has a pretty nice cock, too, but it's those big balls that really grab my attention. They're certainly not the biggest set of balls I've seen on a man, but they sure are more than a mouth. Ford Tuff hasn't made a lot of porn videos, but he's on his way with a couple, and I look forward to seeing more of him. For now, you can check him out at Hairy Boyz.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Hairy Bear

Hairy Bear

Hairy bear Andrew Mason is one of the busiest bears at Bear Films. He's appeared in five video clips, three action galleries, and two solo photo shoots. He's a sexy fucker and the quintessential hairy bear. Andrew is balding up top, but he's got one of the fullest, thick goatees I've seen. And it's a beautiful, fiery red. When Andrew strips off his shirt, he reveals a very hairy torso. His solid and thick body is covered in hair - even his shoulders are hairy, with hair creeping down his arms. This hairy bear is sporting nipple piercings and his nibs are big and suckable. But for me, the best part of this big furry man is his thick cock. It's a fat fucker, and at least where I'm concerned, it's girth that matter. I love a dick that can really fill up and stretch my hole, and Andrew's looks like it would do the trick.His shaft is thick and his flared cock head is plump and glistening in the light. Delicious! And Andrew's balls are tight, hugging close to his body, and shaved - just the way I like them. A smooth set of balls feels so good rolling around in your mouth. If you haven't seen Andrew's videos, you're going to love watching this hairy stud in action. Whether he's pumping a hungry butt full of his fat cock, or he's hoisting his legs in the air and taking a bone, Andrew is a big turn-on.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Hairy Arab Man

Hairy Arab Man

I love Arab men. From as far back as I could remember, I loved dark men: Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Turks, and Arab men. But out of all of them, I'd have to say that the Arabic men are my favourites. I love the combination of the dark hair and eyes mingled with the range of skin tones. And, of course, Middle Eastern men are so very often hairy, and that always turns my crank. Sarib is a hot Arabic man who starred in Raging Stallion's Arabesque, the winner of the 2006 GRABBY for the Best All-Sex Video and Best Group Scene (starring Huessein, Joey Russo, JC, Colin West, and Sarib). Sarib is a beautiful man with soulful brown eyes, sexy goatee, and full, passionate lips. And this Arab man is very hairy, but not overly so - you won't be vacuuming the bed out every morning. He's adorned with Arabic tattoos on both arms and his long legs are covered in hair - so is his ass! Sarib has the unique ability to suck his long cock while he's got his legs hoisted over his head and he's taking a bone. How hot is that! Sarib has six galleries at Rear Stable, including a fuck scene with hairy man Huessein.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Carlo Cox

Carlo Cox

Imagine waking up first thing in the morning and seeing this hot fucker lying beside you in bed. You'd never get out of bed! This is Carlo Cox and he's one of my favourite gay porn stars. He stopped by UK Naked Men to give us a good, long look at his sizzling, hairy body. I love bald men, they're one of my fetishes. And if a bald man has facial hair - I'm down on my knees begging for a taste of their cock. Carlo Cox is absolutely stunning in the looks department - sexy beard, deep brown eyes, and kissable lips. And his body is nearly as perfect as you can get - muscular with a beautiful mat of hair splayed across his torso. Cox has a delicious piece of meat, too. He's not a huge man, but he's got enough to let you know you've got a nice dick up your ass. And he's a precummer, too. In this gallery he's lying back on a pile of hay, the sun peaking through the barn's roof and mottled across his body. And as Carlo Cox plays with his cock, precum oozes out of his piss slit and he rubs it across his cock head. And when your done lapping up that man juice with your tongue, you'll want to check out his smooth, shaved balls. They're perfect. I can't imagine anything finer that snuggling up in the hay with this stud and taking a cozy, afternoon nap - or something.

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Written by Joe Spunk

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Sexy older mature hot man

Older Man

Fifty is looking pretty good! This is David Stark, a 50-year-old horny, older man from Toronto. He's a small guy, standing 5'3" and weighing 130 pounds. But what he lacks in height, he makes up for in the dick department. He has a healthy slab of meat, juicy and thick. And one of the hottest thing s about this older man is that he leaks. As he pumps his cock and gets it rock hard, he oozes precum - beautiful strings of glistening jizz. He starts off on a leather sofa in a pair of jeans and a tank top. And when he strips down to his jockstrap, he's showing an impressive bulge. By the time he fishes his big cock out of the netted fabric, he's already leaking precum. He turns around to give us a look at his hot ass - it's perfectly shaped and hard. And when he spreads his butt cheeks, he shows off a deliciously pink and hairy fuck hole. Now this is one ass I'd like to fuck. He takes a snort of his sweaty jockstrap and continues jacking off. He finally shoots an amazingly thick and generous load of cum all over his lean torso. Man, can I volunteer for the clean-up crew?

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Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Hot Older Male | Review by GayDemon | Published 01 Sep 2007 in Hairy and Mature | 3 Comments

Like 'em Hairy?


These days, seems like almost every guy is shaved smooth - especially his balls and around his cock. And while some may find this a good thing, a lot of us prefer a guy who's natural and unshaved. That's why when I saw these pics of Ben Nash from Buzz West, I was blown away by this 19 year old marine's bushy pubic hair that frames his cock so perfectly. I grabbed these pics to share with others who love a guy with plenty of pubes!

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Photos courtesy of Buzz West | Review by GayDemon | Published 01 Sep 2007 in Hairy and Mature | 3 Comments