"Welcome to The Funtone USA Televison Network". Funtone appears to be a site featuring pretty obscure gay related television programming and the like. They stream from 9 separate quicktime video channels. I checked out a bit of "RuPaul's soon-to-be-released legendery new film Starr Booty Reloaded" and I have to say for sure that the material is most certainly unique. Pretty comical at times too. Also featured are "Nelson Sullivan's Legends of New York, The Joy of John Sex, The Club Kids, Caught On Tape." Most of the characters starring in these productions are transgendered men. Which to me only makes things pretty entertaining and humourous. I mean, they are pretty funny people. You can get at all channels from the main page which makes surfing a breeze and the layout is simple. The text and images are certainly large enough - LOL - so you shouldn't miss anything. You could grab a few chuckles and perhaps even be entertained here.

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