Hot Barebacking have something extra special for us this time around. It's not often you find well hung hunky dudes who are into playing with and drinking pee. Well Brad Slater and Gabriel Marcus are two guys who are the exception. I've alway been into piss. Especially when I get to see a couple of seriously low-hanging bros like Brad and Gabriel let go hot streams. Judging from the free video gallery, these guys didn't just "piddle" on another. They let it ALL rain down. What seems like gallons of urine spurted out of both of their large organs before they set forth to fuck their brains out. Bareback of course.


Gabriel takes a huge drink right from the taps. His own as well as Brad's. Even if you're not into pee you can't deny there is something so damn erotic about some hunk laying on the floor with his mouth gaping open and his tongue lapping up all that warm yellow liguid. Mmm.


After Brad drains himself into Gabriel's gullet he proceeds to shove his meat into his boy's warm mouth so he can clean it off. Look at how soaked Gabriel is! This is a real treat I say. I don't believe I've ever seen a Hot Barebacking scene featuring urine play from them yet. Thank you HB!


Brad's got Gabe right upside here. LOL. Pile Driver anyone? He looks as though he's balls deep too. Hell yeah. Hot Barebacking are coming up with all kinds of surprises these days. One thing they will never change though is their consistency. Fantastic action all the time. And it's always featured in free preview vids too. Just like this hot pee shoot!

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