What's going on at the College Dudes 24/7 dorm? Could it actually be that one of the guys is fucking a watermelon - thrusting his hard cock into that tight, red juicy hole? You bet - it's Kyle trying something new. Kyle's 22 years old, says he's bisexual and that he's on the varsity wrestling team. He's a horny guy who has a girlfriend but is always ready to get off however he can. He's also a naturally fun person who loves to laugh. He's always joking around and doing crazy stuff, and I guess that's what led him to try thrusting his ripe cock into a piece of fruit in the kitchen.

Kyle didn't actually start off with the intention of fucking a watermelon. He actually came to the kitchen planning on a snack, but one thing led to another and he decided to try and fuck a tomato.


Well, the tomato wasn't big enough for sustained pounding, so Kyle went looking for something bigger - and he found it! This 18 pound watermelon looked interesting, so after playing with it, he got a knife and carved out a hole just enough bigger than his cock to let him slide his dick inside.


And apparently that watermelon felt pretty good around Kyle's dick. He went at it like it was the hottest, tightest ass ever - he really pounded that piece of fruit with his cock.


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