Fun Maps

I was interested to see what Fun Maps was all about, having seen its title. I was interested to discover that it is a kind of new idea: a site of travel maps, a mainly, it has to be said, an American and Canadian, gay travel site, with some worldwide destinations also featured. My interest further spiked when I started to browse around it. When I say it's a travel site I don't mean it's a travel agent, though there are adverts that you can click to find travel deals. This site is about bringing you news on gay events and locations, hence the 'maps.' So, if you're heading to Houston, visiting Victoria, or taking a trip to Toronto, you can click in, find the location, and check out the gay scene. You'll find that the maps highlight the bars, clubs, lesbian and gay resorts and places of interest. They also list any local events of note and carry background news and information on the location. If you are looking for romance in Rome, sex in Sacramento, or for some time off in Ogunquit, you should find not only a map (that you can then print, or place in your bookmarks), but also information about your chosen destination. It's a handy resource for the worldwide gay traveler.

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