Full House Star Becomes A Go-go Dancer

Sorry to disappoint, but no it is not John Stamos. His name is Blake McIver (formerly McIver Ewing). With roles in films like The Little Rascals and Problem Child 3, he had plenty of visibility in Hollywood. His most high profile role was working with The Olsen Twins, playing Michelle's nemesis on the series Full House.

After coming out three years ago, the roles slowed down considerable. Now at 28 Blake was looking for something new to do. The opportunity to be a go-go dancer fell his lap, and he gave it a shot. It has turned out to be, in his words, 'liberating and empowering'.

According to Blake, being a go-go dancer has helped him deal with coming out. "I had so much shame about my body. This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun". He tweets selfies of himself on a regular basis using the hashtag #lagogo.

Dancing has not only helped pay the bills, but also enabled him to accomplish another goal of his. Producing an album of his own music that he hopes to release soon. After years of being bullied at his Christian high school, Blake now finds himself in a great place. "I'm not hiding who I am anymore - not pretending I'm not something I'm not."

Coming up next for Blake is competing in 30 Days: Mr. November, a Gay Beauty Pageant. Which is hosted by Colby Melvin and airing on Logo TV. Check your local listings for exact times.

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