FUK!IT deals with - you'll never guess! - sex. What it deals with most prominently is safe sex. What's most interesting about this sensible site is that it is also hot. They make no bones, pardon the pun, concerning whether or not they believe having sex is a good thing. On this, you get the full one-sided view that sex with men is not only good and fun, but that it needs to be as healthy as the food we eat. Definitely, they advocate a most certain 'no-risk' sensibility about taking on other guys for fucking and sucking - not "low risk", but rather "no risk". And they make the very compelling point that one can simply live longer and fuck more by being safe and appreciating that others are as well. That this message sometimes gets lost is implicit in the thinking of us all, yet, we should all face the fact that we lose people we could have had around longer and we lose credibility as political and social animals in the larger world by getting sick. FUK!IT shows us how we can behave responsibly and have all the frigging sex we want, enjoying ourselves, our mates and our casual partners in a riot of fun and still come out the other side, healthy and hearty for our families and friends. This is a site devoted to common sense and good sexual health. It is an extremely solid visit, full of all sorts of surprises.

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