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Peter Stallion is a well-know Czech porn star. He made a big name for himself back in the Czech Republic when he, and a few other guys, took on 150 women in a huge gang bang scene. Peter has been featured a couple of times on Circle Jerk Boys, and he's been very popular. So the Circle Jerk Boys producers thought it would be fun to see Peter fucking a guy with that big uncut dick of his. Damon Phoenix has starred in over 100 movies, so he immediately sprung to mind. If anyone could put this straight guy at ease and get his big dick to perform, it'd be Damon. And the young gay porn star goes right to work on Peter's dick, straddling the stud and sucking it, then getting down on his knees, and finally, getting his mouth fucked. And when Peter's uncut dick is good and ready, Peter bends his buddy over and slides his dick between those beautiful butt cheeks. When Peter is getting close to cumming, he sits back on the sofa; Damon lies on the floor and hoists his legs over his head. His shaved butt hole is right within firing range, so Peter jacks off and spills his load all over Damon's rosebud. It's fucking hot.

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