Fucking Trent

Trent made his first appearance on Corbin Fisher a few months back. He had been fantasizing about Dawson for a long time, so having Dawson fuck him was a fantasy come true. Unfortunately that video didn't go so well. Trent was .... um ... very excited to be alone with Dawson and the scene came to an abrupt and explosive premature closing. In spite of the disappointment, it was still pretty hot to see someone so turned on by someone that he shot his wad without even touching himself. These two guys get into some real heavy foreplay, and this time, they contained themselves long enough for Dawson to stick his stiff dick in Trent's ass. Trent's fantasy is fulfilled and he not only loses his virginity, but loses it to Dawson - yes, this is the first time that Trent got fucked by another guy ... well, first time and a bit. Dawson pounds Trent hard, thrusting and pumping. With his hands gripping the sheets, Trent takes everything Dawson gives him. And when Trent finals does let it fly, it's a gusher, soaking his stomach and chest in juice. And Dawson fucks Trent a bit longer and then blasts off a load of his own in Trent's hungry mouth.

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