Fucking the Room Service Guy Fucking the Room Service Guy

Ah ... it's the old "my leg is broken can you make me feel better and suck my cock" manoeuvre. Dominic Pacifico is lying back in his hotel room, recuperating from a skiing accident. Room service guy Joey Trydent shows up with a load of fresh towels and the two talk a bit about Dominic's broken leg. "Well, if there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know," Joey says cheerfully. Aren't gay porn lines fun?

I've stayed in a lot of hotels and I've never even come close to getting a whiff that such a thing were ever possible, but then I'm not hot and hung like Dominic Pacifico, or that brazen. Still, it is fun to fantasize about grabbing the room service guy's head and pushing it into your crotch. And Joey gobbles Dominic's thick meat and makes it disappear deep inside his throat.

And because Dominic has broken his leg, Joey jumps on top of the hotel guest and does most of the cock riding. Dominic grabs two fists of butt and spreads the lad's cheeks wide; seeing his large hard-on slipping and sliding in Joey's hole is extra hot. But Dominic does get pretty revved up, and in spite of his broken leg, stands at the edge of the bed and fucks Joey to their creamy finish. Good thing Joey brought a supply of clean towels, his belly is a sticky mess and needs a big clean-up.

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