Fucking the Prisoner

Dillon is back at UK Naked Men and this time he's doing a "scene," playing nasty copper DI Sweeney. He's interrogating light-fingered Jake who isn't very forthcoming with the information Sweeney wants. But Sweeny has other ways of making unco-operative cons talk. Sweeny's got a 9-inch banana-curved cock that he can use to make his point. Jake soon finds himself naked and up against the wall; Sweeney probes his criminal arse with his big fingers, his wet tongue, and finally that big cock. Have you seen Dillon's cock, it's magnificient - nine inches, thick, uncut, and sporting a wicked curve that is going to hurt no matter how he gives it to Jake. He pounds Jake's ass over the desk until they both cum all over each other. And if you haven't seen Dillon's big cock yet, there are two other photo sets at UK Naked Men, and as well, a video where Dillon shows us how a Scotsman puts on his kilt and what he wears underneath. And after the fashion demonstration, Dillon jacks off that 9-inch cock of his and dumps a load on the ground below.

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