Fucking the Boss

It's late into the night and Lucas Knowles is still at the office. He's got a serious deadline in the morning and he's still got a heap of work to finish. He works for another couple of hours, and then, he lies back on his leather sofa to catch 40 winks. He's hoping to feel more refreshed so he can tackle the rest of the project. Within minutes, he's dead to the world. But at Men at Play headquarters, his assistant, Carl Wilde, walks into the office and finds Lucas lying on the sofa. Carl notices a stiffy in Lucas's trousers. Should he? No. He'd be in a heap of trouble if the boss woke up. But look at it, it's pressing hard in his trousers. It wants out. Carl decides to take a peek, so he quietly kneels beside his boss and unzips his trousers. Lucas's stiff cock springs free. Since Carl already has his boss's dick out, he decides to lick it--just a little. Well that didn't work. The boss's cock felt so good that Carl had to go and deep throat it and he woke up the boss. But Lucas didn't seem to mind the wake-up call because now he's standing up and pounding his dick down his assistant's throat. And in another minute, he's going to give his assistant's cock a taste. And with the project deadline looming, Lucas decides that blowing his wad up Carl's ass is better than a nap!

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