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Gay Porn Star Jeremy Hall is constantly asked by magazines and blogs about his hottest moments on video. And Jeremy always says that he loves fucking straight guys: "Their asses are so tight and I just love watching the expression on their faces when they feel a guy's cock for the first time." Rusty is a gay-for-pay, straight guy who Jeremy got to come and fuck on his site recently. Jeremy says that while shooting the scene Rusty needed to watch some straight porn on his laptop. So before Jeremy bent this straight boy over, he set up his laptop in front of him so he could watch his straight porn while getting his ass boned. And what does this "straight" guy play but a video of him and another buddy fucking a girl! Hmmm ... you got to wonder about these "straight" guys. And then Jeremy Hall told us that while he was fucking this guy, Rusty would periodically tighten all his butt muscles around Jeremy's cock. When Jeremy asked him to do it again, Rusty just said, "You like that, eh?" For a straight guy it sounds like he sure knows how to make a guy's cock feel good. And this is one hot fuck scene!

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