fucking on the patio

Adam did a few scenes for Corbin Fisher a few years ago, then he disappeared. It happens, not everyone wants to be a porn star. But he was missed. This 22-year-old guy is cute and exuded sensuality and enthusiasm that left an impression on us - and having an 8.5-inch cock didn't hurt. Back in 2009, Adam did a jerk-off video, then he fucked two guys. He never did bottom, so when he contacted Corbin Fisher about doing some more videos with them, they jumped at the chance.

Philip is a dark-haired 20-year-old, and he loves to be on top. So, the guys head out to the patio and under the awning, they start getting it on. They start kissing and Philips works his way down Adam's chest. He stops to tease Adam's nipples with his lips and tongue. He continues down and swallows Adam's cock. Philip sucks Adam's balls and then returns to deep throating his big dick.

After giving Philip some lip action, Adam mounts the dark-haired stud and slides down his cock. It takes a minute for Adam's ass to get used to Philip's cock, but when things relax, Adam seems to be enjoying the sensation. Philip thrusts up into Adam, slowly at first, then increasing his thrusting. Adam rolls over onto his belly and Philips starts pounding him with intention. Philip kisses Adam's shoulder as he whimpers and moans, as if to try and ease the anal assault he's giving this blond stud.

As the guys head into the home stretch, Adam is on his back and Philip is drilling him hard. This does the trick and Adam's cock explodes with a stream of cum that blasts up onto his chest. Philip is close, too, and he pulls out and covers Adam's abs with his spunk. Then the guys head off to the shower where Philip gives Adam a massage under the spray.

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