Lovers Fucking

I've been waiting for the second part of this video for a couple of weeks now. Rocco and Jake are back at UK Naked Men to finish what they started. These two real-life lovers have two of the biggest cocks you'll ever see on a couple - big, fat, 9-inch cocks. Both of these guys are uncut and their cocks are each very different. Jake's is long and thick, and even when hard, his foreskin is always collaring his cock head. Rocco's cock is stiff and very curved, like a banana, and when he gets completely hard, his foreskin stretches back along the length of his cock. In this new video these two lovers are making out on a black, leather sofa in a very elegant room. Rocco walks into the room wearing a bathrobe and stands at the end of the sofa. Jakes opens the bathrobe and starts sucking his already-hard cock. The two fall on the couch, kissing and sucking one another's cocks. Rocco hoists is lover's legs in the air and starts sliding that curved cock along Jake's ass hole, and then, he just slides his cock head into Jake's fuckhole and teases him a bit. I won't spoil all the good bits, but it gets a lot hotter from there. These two men are just getting started.

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