Fucking Joey's Horny Ass

22 year old Joey Gunz from Mike Hancock may be straight, but the boy is pretty kinky and open to most things when it cums to sex. He admitted to often fantasizing about a dominatrix fucking his hot ass with a strap-on. He also mentioned he's into trannies in a big way! As in a flip-flop fuck. Straight, huh? Mike didn't have a dominatrix or tranny handy to take care of Joey's fetishes, he did have a big package for the insatiable boy and it looks as though it did the job. Things start off with Joey on the bed, watching the webmaster pull on his big dick to get it hard. The expressions on Joey's face let us know how much he wants to taste that cock. Well....he does, and he must have done a great job, too, because he got it more than hard enough to fill up his hungry butt hole! Joey isn't looking too straight by the end of this shoot...

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