Jeff Sucking Cock

I remember the first time Jeff had guy-on-guy sex on Corbin Fisher. It wasn't long after his solo jack off video, and he was paired up with Logan, who is one of Corbin Fisher's better cock suckers. Jeff was really nervous and Logan had strict instructions not to go above the shoulders, i.e. no kissing. And it wasn't too long after that Jeff started working his way through the Corbin Fisher alumni. Jeff was a machine - fucking first Spencer, then Nick, Trevor, TJ, and then, he tag teamed TJ with Dawson. But before Jeff fucked every guy in the house, Corbin Fisher put the brakes on. It was Jeff's turn to offer his ass up for a little fucking action. The ever cute Dawson broke Jeff's cherry, then Brent and TJ. Finally this week is the episode I've been waiting for months to see - big, beefy Cade fucking Jeff's ass. I love Cade, he's probably my favourite Corbin Fisher guy. He's good looking with a strong and beefy body, and he's packing a magnificent cock. And this video is all about Cade's cock. He gets the young blonde guy to service his dick until it's good and hard, and then, he slides his stiff prick up Jeff's ass and makes him holler. When Jeff can't take another second of drilling, he lies back in Cade's arms and they jack off together. It's such a hot and tender moment.

Fucking Jeff's Ass

Fucking Jeff

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