Fucking in the Storeroom

The nice thing about being an executive is that you can often make your own hours. On a quiet Tuesday afternoon, Cristian slips out of the office and heads to the local pub for a pint. As usually, Men at Play has set up a hot scene, but Christian has no idea he's in for an afternoon romp. The barman is drop-dead gorgeous. A little flirting is all the barman needs. Since there's no one else in the pub yet, he locks the door and leads Christian downstairs to the bar's storeroom. Patrick is a hot Eastern European hunk with a nearly perfect body. He strips Christian out of his suit. And then the naked executive slobbers all over Patrick's stiffening cock. Patrick is taken with Christian's ass and grabs himself two hands full of flesh. But Patrick really wants to bury his cock between those beautiful butt cheeks. And that's just fine because Christian was hoping that's where this was going. So right there amongst the beer kegs, Patrick drills Christian's ass. And after a quick fuck, Christian heads back to the office with a smile on his face!

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