Darren's an athletic 20 year old college sophomore and RC is 22 and plays varsity sports, so it's pretty natural that the two would encounter each other in the College Dudes 24/7 gym locker room. And there's no location like a locker room when it comes masculine smells and sounds. Well, for a while Darren and RC are dressed in nothing but a towel a piece, and then even less. There's something about watching another guy drop a towel... After getting an eyeful, these two horny college dudes decide they've just got to go for it!

Darren, who can't keep his eyes off RC's stiff cock just couldn't wait to wrap his lips around that shaft and start sucking right there in the locker room. RC gives him a mouthful, and Darren has a great time with it!


Then RC lies Darren down over the bench, spreads Darren's legs and goes to work, plowing that hot ass of his. It's hard to say who's having a better time - RC or Darren.


They stand up and Darren jerks his own cock while RC pounds Darren's tight hole, giving him every inch of RC's hard pole again and again till both guys are drenched in sweat and can't wait to shoot their creamy loads!


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