Bathtub Fucking

Ryan and Ashton have appeared several times on Southern Strokes, and they've even done a scene together. But this one's a little different. Ryan had been hanging out and helping the Southern Strokes guys with some photo shoots. Ashton called and since he was nearby visiting friends he wanted to stop in and say hello to the Strokes guys. But Ryan thought it would be more fun to jump in the bathtub and see if Ashton would want to join in. Ryan didn't have to ask twice. (Ryan's wearing his glasses in this scene and Ashton's been working hard at the gym, so he's packing a new set of abs.) Soaking in all those bubbles, the guys start kissing. And then, they start trading blowjobs. Ryan has such a phenomenal cock, it's always a pleasure to watch anyone sucking it. Ashton turned around in the tub and presented his cock-hungry ass to Ryan and the well-hung stud started inching his huge dick into Ashton's puckered pink hole. They fucked long and hard until Ryan laid back in the tub and asked Ashton to finish him off with his mouth. Ashton sucks Ryan off, and then, splatters his own load across Ryan's abs! Good thing they're in the tub, clean up's a breeze.

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