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Ian took quite a bit of convincing from Corbin Fisher to get him to this point. Several months ago he jacked off on camera for the first time. When he was scheduled to get his first blowjob from another guy he was sure it was going to be a disaster - how can a straight guy get turned on enough to blow his load down another guy's throat? But it wasn't as hard as he thought. Then a few weeks later he fucked another guy for the first time. And just when we were getting ready to watch him getting his own ass fucked, he disappeared. Although Corbin Fisher proposed the idea of bottoming for another guy, Ian wasn't the least bit interested. And besides, he was quite sure it would hurt like a mother fucker. Several months later, Ian texted Corbin Fisher out of the blue: "I'm up for giving it a shot." Brent is truly one of the best guys to pair up with an absolute virgin. He works his magic, giving him a hot blowjob and rimming and fingering Ian's ass. When Brent starts inching his long dick into Ian's virgin hole, the straight guy is gripping the sheets for life. Ian is struggling and Brent takes it nice and slow. Brent pumps Ian's ass slowly and then pulls out to shoot all over his own belly. And then as a sort of reward for Ian, Brent sucks him off. Ian looks incredulous of the pleasure he's feeling as he starts blowing his load in another guy's mouth.

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