Oh my God! What else is there to say when you're faced staring at something like this. You know, I really do have the sweetest job -- every day I open up my e-mail and get stuff like this shows up, and then, I get to write about it. I love my work. The only thing I'd love even more is if Perfect Guyz would hire me to be their photo shoot fluffer. And Perfect Guyz for my first assignment, I'll help you out with Jude here. Frankly though, it doesn't look like Jude needs a hand -- or a mouth -- to get him hard. This beautiful guy hails from southern California and he's part Sicilian and Croatian - no wonder he's got a fucking huge cock. He's a surfer and snowboarder and currently attends college, where no doubt he turns a lot of heads in the showers. He's boyishly good looking and his slender and smooth build just makes his cock look all the bigger. And his blue eyes are just going to kill you, well, if you can take your eyes off the big cock of his. Anyway, enough. I've got to go watch this first-timer jack off in his video clip.

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