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Back in January, I first blogged about Elijah and his debut on Corbin Fisher. (Read First-Time Athletic Stud. At the time, I said, "I wonder if, in a few weeks, he'll be sitting back and watching one of the Corbin Fisher alumni chowing down on his cock for the first time?" Well we had to wait a while, but we don't have to wonder any more. Elijah has already appeared on Corbin Fisher's brother site Amateur College Sex where he fucked a girl with his brother! But this week on Corbin Fisher, Elijah is fucking his first guy. And clearly, Elijah is having a good time. He doesn't hesitate to moan and groan as Jared does things that make Elijah feel good. While Jared is giving him head, Elijah has no problem guiding Jared's head and showing him what feels good. And as you watch this video, you'll see that Elijah loves sex, he's comfortable with himself, and he knows what feels good. Unlike a lot of guys who are trying guy-on-guy sex for the first time, Elijah made up his mind that if he's going to try having sex with another guy, he might as well give it his all and really enjoy it. What a great attitude! And with Jared down on all fours, Elijah is clearly loving the feel of another guy's ass. Wait wait until you see how this straight college stud ends of his first foray with another guy.

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