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Heath showed up on Corbin Fisher a few weeks back and was cast pretty quickly in a fuck scene with one of the CF semi-regulars. But Heath had never given much thought to bottoming. He's had sex with both boys and girls, but he just hasn't gotten around to hoisting his legs for a nice cock. Corbin Fisher is always up for a challenge, so he teamed Heath up with super-jock Cade and his big dick. Cade works his foreplay magic and gets Heath warmed up pretty good. He even goes down on this blonde stud first and sucks his beautiful curved cock. For an anal virgin, Heath sure did take control of things. Straddling Cade's muscular body, Heath lowered himself down onto the jock's stiff cock. And then, inch by inch his butt swallowed up Cade's impressive tool. Once Heath settles into having a cock up his ass, Cade takes over and pummels him hard. And when he's done with his buddy's butt, Cade blasts off a load all over Heath's face.

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