Butler Fucking Ass

I loved this new Men at Play scene, it's got a hot storyline! Muscular black stud, Eddie Diaz, is waking up and stroking his morning wood when the butler walks in with a breakfast tray. Steve the butler tries to ignore Eddie's hard-on, but Eddie makes him fish around under the covers to help him find the TV remote. Eddie asks if he can suck Steve's cock, but Steve refuses saying Eddie's mother will fire him if she ever found out the help was screwing the boss's son. Eddie reaches for the phone and threatens to have Steve fired anyway, so the butler whips out his big, meaty cock. Eddie sucks it to his heart's content and straddles Steve on the bed and jerks off all over him. Eddie thinks he's done. But the butler's pissed because now his suit is covered with Eddie's spunk. So the butler rips the tie from around his neck and lashes Eddie's hand to the headboard; he grabs another tie off the nightstand and secures Eddie's other hand. The butler stands up, strips out of his cum-stained clothes, and climbs into the bed. His cock is rock hard with anger and the butler hoists Eddie's legs and thrusts his cock into the rich man's ass and wakes him up with a hard ass pounding. I sure hope that butler has another suit tucked away in the mansion somewhere, he's going to need to change before bringing the lady her morning tea.

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