fucking dawson ass

I remember when Aiden first showed up on Corbin Fisher. I hoped that Corbin Fisher would be able to convince this Greek god to get into some guy-on-guy sex. You're never really sure which straight guys are going to do more than jerking off, but I knew Aiden's 8-inch, thick cock was one that I wanted to see sliding into a guy's mouth and butt.

It took a few weeks, but eventually Aiden showed up in some guy-on-guy sex scenes. And since his first scene, he's done five gay sex scenes, and this one where he's fucking Dawson's ass makes six.

Aiden and Dawson start off their session flexing and comparing muscles. They start kissing and then Aiden strips out of his jeans and Dawson does his best to swallow Aiden's huge cock. "You're so fucking hot," Aiden says as he watches Dawson suck his manmeat. The guys lie on the bed and get into some 69 cock sucking. Then Dawson climbs on top of this mountain of muscle and slides Aiden's huge dick up his tight butt hole. It takes some time to adjust to this monster cock and Aiden tells Dawson that he's got the tightest ass he's ever felt.

The guys fuck in a number of positions, but it's missionary with his legs in the air that sends Dawson over the edge. With Aiden thrusting into his ass, Dawson shoots his cum load all over himself. Aiden follows, showering Dawson with his huge load of spunk. After they're both finished cumming, Aiden falls on top of Dawson and they kiss. "That was the fuck of my lifetime," Dawson says. But it's not over yet. The guys head into the shower to clean up and Dawson sucks Aiden's big cock some more. Head over to Corbin Fisher and watch this sizzling hot fuck scene.

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