evan and derrick

Derik Strong is a very lucky daddy. In this scene from Hot Older Male he's playing a married man. He's seen Evan Mansfield around the neighborhood and they've cruised each other. But this weekend, Derik's wife is out of town and he finally has a chance to get this hot cub into bed. He's been dying to see what this tattooed stud has swinging between his legs, and this daddy is in for a very big surprise.

Evan Mansfield is a cute, tattooed guy with doe-brown eyes, a face full of scruff, and pouty kissable lips. And he's got a thing for older men. He's also got a big slab of meat and he's going to make this daddy's weekend.

Derik is lying back on the bed, and as Evan slides off his jeans and underwear, he can't believe his eyes. Evan is massively hung. His meaty cock hangs heavily between his legs. Standing beside the bed in nothing but his wifebeater, Evan is this daddy's fantasy come true. Evan flops his meat across Derik's face and the daddy groans with pleasure as he begins to worship this huge, thick cock. After sucking Evan's dick and getting it hard, this daddy gets down on all fours and Evan opens up his fuck hole. When his daddy butt is finally used to this tattooed dude's monster cock, Derik takes over and sits on it and rides his way to daddy heaven. This is one weekend that Derik is never going to forget!

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