Fucking Big

This image blog should really be called Fucking Big and real. What you are looking at here are eye-watering photos of guys who are exceptionally big between the legs. White guys, black guys, mixed race, Latino - you'll find everyone here but there is a minimum length, or size, you have to be in order to get featured. So this is definitely a site for size queens and all lovers of jumbo cocks. What's also nice is that the images themselves are a mixture. There were some from adult sites, Bentley Race's website for example, (the image from which interestingly came via Hung BFs), and then there are some from self-submit sites where the guys are photographing themselves in the bathroom mirror. When I was looking at the site there were 32 pages to get through and plenty of hung guys to look at. They come in all shapes and sizes - redheads, dark, slim, and there are even some cartoons, as well. I didn't get through every single image but the ones I did see were all real with no morphing. At least I think they were. You do wonder sometimes if what you see is actually possible. But you'll just have to go and take a look for yourself and make up your own mind. Just be prepared to think big!

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