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Rocky Charles is becoming quite the regular on Circle Jerk Boys and Extra Big Dicks. And this bi-sexual 22-year-old admits that he's equally drawn to both sexes; however, he's spent so much time getting his ass fucked here lately, that I don't know when he has time to fuck women. And this week, Rocky is giving up his ass to Ty Tucker who claims to be "the last 20 year-old virgin in Orlando." Yeah right! And we're in Miami so there must be some swamp land nearby, right? The two guys get comfortable and start kissing and slowly stripping the clothes off one another. When Rocky sees the prodigious bulge in Ty's boxer briefs, the bisexual is down on his knees nuzzling his face against Ty's stiffening cock. Then Rocky fishes out Ty's semi-hard dick and starts chowing down on Ty's fat cock head. But ultimately Rocky is anxious to feel hard dick pounding his hole, so he gets down on all fours and offers up his ass. And Ty fucks him all over the bed. And judging by the way this stud fucks ass, he's a big fat liar. But we knew he really wasn't a virgin.

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