fucking ben brown

I love Ben Brown. He's a handsome, blond stud who I first saw on Men at Play and he always drove me crazy - he looks fucking hot in a suit! He's got a tight, furry body and I love watching this guy getting his ass fucked. Recently he's moved over to Alpha Male Fuckers where he's playing with a bald, bodybuilder.

Randy Jones is a straight bodybuilder with a big cock. It's a fat, uncut dick with a downward curve and Ben Brown can't seem to get enough of sucking this muscle man's pole. But this bodybuilder wants more than a blowjob, so he takes control and bends Ben over. Randy squats and lubes Ben's hairy butt hole with his tongue. Pearls of spit cling to Ben's bum hair and it's so fucking hot.

Randy slides his big cock into Ben's ass and doesn't give this blond bottom too much adjustment time before he's slamming his hole wide open. Randy calls Ben his bitch, his boy, then finally he grunts, "You're mine!" And when this rough muscle man is done fucking Ben Brown's ass; he spews his load all over Ben's beard. Ben's so turned on that he explodes all over his hairy belly. Man, this was a hot scene. I really loved watching this muscle hunk manhandling Ben.

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