fucking bear ass in kitchen

David Chase heads over to visit his friend, his friend isn't home, but his brother, Rod, is. Rod can tell something is bothering David so he asks him what's wrong. "My girlfriend won't let me do anything kinky, like lick her ass," David says. Rod gets excited by this hot talk and offers to help David out with his problem

Okay, that's the official blurb and set-up from this scene featured on My Boyfriend's Hot Friend. Why we need these intricate set-ups is beyond me. When I see a hot, hairy bear like David Chase standing in my kitchen, I usually just say, "Hey, I'm feeling kind of horny. Would you like to bend over so I can eat your ass?" And if it were Rod Daily doing the asking I probably wouldn't say no.

David is a sexy bearded guy who we've seen before on Men Over 30 and Rod Daily is a regular over at Next Door Buddies. I posted about David back in September in Bald Bear Fucking and I also posted about Rod Daily in 9-Inch Bottom Gets Fucked. And now these two horny studs are together in a hot fuck scene in the kitchen at My Brother's Hot Friend. I love watching acrobatic sex, so to see David hoisting himself in the air and bracing against the kitchen counter while Rod thrusts up into his ass ... well, that's just too hot, isn't it? And David does have a deliciously big cock when it gets rock hard.

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