fucking bear ass

Troy Scott is a bald, hairy bear from Great Britain and on a recent trip to the U.S., he stopped by Pantheon Bear to get his big, beefy, bear ass fucked. Troy loves all kinds of ass play; he's the proverbial insatiable bottom. He likes his butt hole licked, fingered, and fucked with cocks or dildos. Rick Wade is the perfect partner for Troy because Rick loves fucking ass.

Troy is 46 years old and he's ruggedly handsome with a salt 'n' pepper goatee. He's in good shape, weighing 180 pounds, and he's pretty hairy and wears a number of tattoos. Believe it or not, Rick Wade is 60 years old - he looks great! And he's got a deliciously fat uncut cock that looks good sliding into a hungry mouth or a tight bum hole.

These two hairy bears getting into a passionate snogging session and they slowly strip the clothes off one another. Troy shows he's a full-service man as he slides to his knees and begins nursing on Rick's fat, uncut dick. Troy really enjoys sucking dick, but he loves getting his ass fucked more. So he gets down on all fours on the leather sofa and hangs over the edge while Rick plays with his butt. Rick works Troy's ass over with a dildo before sliding his own thick dick into this bald bear's ass. This is one ass play session you've got to see. Troy's butt is the gift that keeps giving - he truly is insatiable.

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