I have always loved the idea of office sex. When I was just barely into my twenties, I worked in an office building. One day on the way to my office, I caught the building maintenance man staring at me. He was a cute, twenty-something, Portuguese guy. I let it go for the moment beause I was at work. On my way into work a few days later, there he was again, however, this time he was a little more forward. He said hi to me and rubbed his crotch as we exchanged pleasantries. "You wanna go somewhere?" he said, grabbing a handful of cock and balls through his pants. "Here? Now?" I asked. "Yeah sure, I've got places we can go." So I followed him. He took me to a vacant suite and locked the door behind us. There in the empty office I got down on my kness and sucked his big, uncut, Portuguese cock. It was really no different than any other blowjob I had given except that this time my boss was downstairs on the next floor, there were no blinds on the office windows, and a leasing agent could come through the office at any minute. That all made it so much more intense. These two hunks are going at it in their office, except they're taking things a bit further. You'll love the hot executives and office sex at Men at Play.

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