Ass Fucking

My favourite jock, Cade, is making another appearance at Corbin Fisher - that's twice in one week. Cade is Corbin Fisher's super star top - with a big, thick cock, he can pummel a fuckhole mercilessly, endlessly, and tirelessly. Poor Caleb experinced the "mercilessly" part on Monday; I'm sure he's still walking funny. Logan is one of Corbin Fisher's designated bottom guys, and he's always willing to take on the hardest, biggest dicks. Both of these guys have been making videos for Corbin Fisher for a while, but Corbin Fisher just hasn't gotten around to pairing them up again. Logan was the one who popped Cade's cherry on his fourth Corbin Fisher appearance, so it was only fitting that Cade eventually gets some anal revenge. Once they get into it in this video, there's a super hot rimming scene where they do each other deep. Logan is really anxious to get his hole drilled, and boy, does he ever! And he's a pretty noisy bottom in this episode, I've heard from a reliable source that Corbin Fisher almost hauled another cock into the scene just to stuff Logan's mouth and shut him up. Cade twists Logan into a pretsel for the first part of their fuck scene, then he drills him doggystyle, and finally gets Logan on his back where Logan desperately clinging to the edge of orgasm throughout. It's a hot fucking video, but then, I always love watching Cade pounding ass.

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