Fucking Uncut Guy

Bryan's a hot uncut guy with an 8-inch cock. And after his first bottoming experience on Corbin Fisher, he just couldn't stop talking about it. He compared notes with other Corbin Fisher alumni and seemed quite proud that he'd been dicked and survived to talk about it. "Oh, it hurts at first!", he said. "But then you get used to it." He even admitted to having a better orgasm with a hard dick up his ass! So when Corbin Fisher paired Bryan up with Zeke and his thick cock, Bryan was eager to go another round. While Zeke fucks Bryan's hole, the near anal virgin's big, uncut dick stays swollen and pulses throughout the whole ordeal. (Although "ordeal" isn't really the right word because it implies a certain unpleasantness, and Bryan enjoyed every inch of Zeke's cock.) After pounding Bryan's ass hard, Zeke slows things down and gently pumps Bryan's hole. His dick is sliding in deep and Zeke can see that Bryan is getting close to cumming. Brian grunts, "I'm going to cum!" And he shoots a huge load with Zeke's cock buried deep in his ass. Bryan wants to see Zeke cum so he asks his new buddy to cum all over him and the horny top is only too happy to oblige.

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