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I see a lot of stupid shit in my travels in online gay porn. Like yesterday I started watching a scene that was supposed to be two construction workers getting it on, and one of these workman was wearing bare feet in sneakers. That just ruined the fantasy and moved on. Likewise, I see a lot of stupid set-ups around how guys start having sex with one another.

But today at Men at Play, I saw one of the most wonderfully funny and sexy scenes I've watched in a long time. Marco Wilson is giving Alex Marte a tour of the office. I suppose Alex has been hired to work there, but Alex just shrugs and mumbles in reply to Marco's comments and questions. Marco decides to have a bit of fun with this Italian muscle hunk and says, "I bet you have a nice cock, eh?" Alex just sort of shrugs and fumbles, "I no understand." To which Marco adds, "And a nice big ass as well." Frustrated, Marco says, "Okay, I'm going to go and see if I can find someone who knows what the fuck you're saying. In the meantime, take your clothes off, sit on the couch, and stroke your big cock. I'll be back in a minute."

When Marco returns this Italian muscle hunk is sitting on the couch in his underwear with his tie slung around his neck. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Marco yells. "You said 'get naked'," Alex replies. "But you said you didn't speak English," Marco says. "Yes, I speak English," Alex replies, getting up and approaching the still-stunned Marco. The two men start kissing. Now that's a fabulous set-up.

And it gets better from there. Marco goes down on this big, muscle hunk and sucks his fat, uncut, Italian cock. Since Alex is already naked, Marco proceeds in his suit and rims Alex's ass, then starts fucking him. Marco strips out of his shirt, tie and blazer, but keeps his trousers on and Alex backs onto his stiff cock and fucks it. In the end, Alex is down on all fours and Marco jerks off, sending an enormous load of spunk spraying all over this Italian muscle hunk's back. Now, that was fucking hot - construction workers in sneakers ... bleah! Why bother! Head over to Men At Play and watch this fucking hot preview.

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