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When MJ first appeared on Circle Jerk Boys he was just 19 years old. He was horny and chasing anything with tits and curves. He's back on the site and he's 23 years old now. And a few things have changed. You see MJ did some time behind bars, and there's nothing the inmates love more than a sweet, tight ass. Well, they'd love some pussy, but a virgin guy's ass will do just fine when you're locked up with a few hundred men. MJ recounted a hot session in jail: he was in the showers after working out with six other inmates, and with the testosterone flowing, MJ was forced to be their bitch in the showers. So when Justin's tongue went to work on MJ puckered hole, the ex-con had no problems offering up his ass to Justin and his big cock. Justin slides his hard cock into MJ's ass and reminds him of his jailhouse days. MJ shoots a big load with Justin's 8.5 inches pounding his hole, and then, Justin sprays his load all over MJ's soft belly.

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