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Rob Thomas is probably one of the hairiest men you'll ever see. He's completely covered from head to toe. And this is just how hairy daddy Ford Holland likes his men. These two hairy men are playing together in this scene from Bear Plumbing Inc., the latest DVD release from Pantheon Men. And this week, gay bear site Pantheon Bear is giving us a sneak peek.

Rob is looking for a plumber to do some remodelling in his kitchen. Rugged daddy Ford shows up in his overalls, lumberjack shirt, and ball cap. The men talk about the job for a minute, but Rob is disappointed with the predicted time frame. He's going to have to wait about a month before Ford can start the job. You know where this is going, don't you? Don't you just love gay porn? I mean, wouldn't the real world be so much more fun if we were just a blowjob away from getting whatever we wanted? You need your house painted, you get on your knees; you're hungry for a pizza, you blow the delivery man; you need your pool cleaned, you bend over the picnic table in the backyard ... yes, life would be great if it were like a porn video.

Rob and Ford get busy in the kitchen. They swap blowjobs and then strip out of their clothes. Ford lights up a cigar and gets into some smoke play with Rob. The men end up on top of the kitchen counters and Ford fucks Rob's very hairy ass. Ah yes, I think Rob's remodeling job might be moving to the top of the list ... right after he gets this hairy daddy to blow his load.

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